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Amanda Lynch

Lynch will use a blend of digital technologies and Royal Mail post to communicate with other resident artists while she remains at home shielding. She will create collages inspired by former prisoners and their crimes, some of which seem relatively minor by today’s standards. Some collages will be based on information found in historical documents, others will be fictional, representing the many women whose information was not properly recorded.


Lynch’s studio practice is mixed media artist working in a number of mediums from found objects, analogue collage and digital. Lynch has also worked with 2d images bringing in digital art and juxtaposing it with printed media. The reason Lynch makes artwork is to break down and understand what is happening around her, the act of exploring and digesting issues premodernity social issues, is her process into making.



Amanda Lynch, UK (b.) 1990, graduated in Fine Art (BA) 2013 at De Montfort University, and graduated in Arts (MA) 2016 at De Montfort University. Lynch has exhibited throughout the UK, and abroad. Residencies include, Gushul artist in residence (Canada) 2016, Ceda artist in residence (UK) 2020/2021, Oh Money, Money Kolaj Institute, USA 2021.


Lynch has had press features and interviews with Somerset art works, BBC Somerset Radio interviews (2019), ITV feature (Somerset) 2019. Lynch is currently living and working in Somerset. UK.  Lynch is a founding member of the Correspondence Collective, a growing global network of artists collaborating through mail art exchanges. 




Images will be added daily from 18/09/2021 - 03/10/2021 to show the progression of making over the course of the Prison Residencies project.

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