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Below are just a few of the wonderful comments we received over the course of the Prison Residencies, it is always great to hear people's thoughts and feelings about their experience and we are very thankful for any comments or feedback received. 


I’ve appreciated the ways in which the artists are engaging with the space and inviting visitors to do so also”


“Fascinating place to learn the history of the building. Thank you to the artists for welcoming us to share their work”


“Fascinating and unnerving – will be back. Thank you”


“Very Interesting and thought-provoking”


“Wonderful to see a residency in such an interesting space and to see so much work from female artists all together”.


“Wonderfully thought provoking and inspiring”


“Amazing Collaboration of artists – very powerful.”


 “Educational, interesting insight into the history of the prison and had a fascinating meeting with one of the artists in residence, who’d produced some good, thought-provoking work.”


“Inspirational, thrilling!!”


“Fabulous venue for such inspiring work. Loved everything particularly Carrie Mason and Victoria Bone -Thank you for sharing your practice with me – LOVED IT!”


 “Fascinating collection, really insightful”


“Thoughtful, insightful, political”


“Thoughtful, respectful, inspiring and dynamic – Well done all."  

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